Garden Project

Six months ago my Dad and I started a DIY project to convert a small, hedge-filled garden at the front of our house into a tranquil place to sit and relax.

Windows 8 Alternatives

Windows 8 has just been released. One of the major changes to the operating system, that is both the first thing users notice and the topic of some controversy, is the redesigned user interface, particularly the new 'Start Screen'. The Start Screen replaces the traditional Start Menu and is included in response to the increasing popularity of mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) that feature a touch screen. This is a fairly major paradigm shift from the traditional desktop metaphor most of us have come to know and love.

As many Windows users will no doubt be wondering whether an upgrade to the new Windows 8 is worth the price tag, I thought I'd use this opportunity to present you with some alternatives (and they won't even cost you a cent).

My New Polarising Filter

My Grandad recently downgraded his camera (from a Pentax DSLR to a Nikon compact) as it was getting too heavy to carry around. I bought his old Pentax, upgrading from my Fuji compact. As I now own an actual DSLR camera, I thought it'd be a good time to buy a polarising filter. I've been wanting one for a while, especially since most of my photographs are landscapes. I also prefer to do as little post-processing on the computer as possible, making the camera do most of the work. I was pleasently surprised to find out that the effects gained from a polarising filter are next to impossible to achieve post-processing anyway.

My Weight Loss Journey

It all started in high school. I stopped running around with my friends at recess and lunch like I did in primary/middle school and started playing chess in the library. This is also when I discovered my love for computers. Now there's nothing wrong with chess or computers, but I believe the amount of time I spent with them was what started me down the path of inactivity and weight gain.

I remember my Grandad once talking with me about my weight and scaring me with stories of health issues that ran in my family. I didn't think my weight was a big deal, even though my BMI said I was obese...


In January 2011, Australia hosted its first major Drupal conference in Brisbane, Queensland. This year, 'Drupal Downunder' (aka DDU) was hosted in Melbourne, Victoria from the 14th-15th of January and (as usual) the Coffs Drupal team attended (Matthew, Ruben and myself).

Birthday at the Cinema

In February 2002, for my 16th birthday, my family and I went to the cinema to see 'A Beautiful Mind'. Each year since then, some (or all) of us have made an effort to continue this tradition of celebrating my birthday at the cinema.

What follows is a record of what we saw each year:

Part of the Puzzle

I have a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of a Giant Panda that myself and Mum been trying to put together for over a year now (possibly closer to two years). We started off going really well, but then got stuck on some of the large areas of black fur and brown tree trunk. The semi-completed puzzle spent six months under a bed gathering dust, but is now back on the dining table and I'm vowing not to move it until it's finished and framed (I'm certainly not pulling it all apart again!).

Boambee Creek

Today we had lunch down at Boambee Creek with Steve & Meg and their family. The day started off overcast but turned out really nice and warm. I decided to take my camera as I thought I'd go for a walk up to the headland and try for some panoramas using my camera's 'manual' mode (for the first time).