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Peter Anderson

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In Between

Heart-shaped hands

The title of this article is one that Mirjam came up with when she started writing this, but I realised that it's also the name of a Daniel Kirkley song which is quite appropriate to our situation - two people with their differences, but united by love. I thought that was cool :)

This is a part two of sorts for Mirjam's and me ongoing love story.


People have often asked me all sorts of questions about our relationship. How do ya blokes cope? Wait, ya have dates with him, how? Isn't it hard? It must be hard?! And so many more. And that got me thinking, how do we actually do the in...

Mirjam and I

Mirjam and I at Estonia's Singing Festival grounds

The following is the story of how Mirjam and I met and fell in love. It will take ya approximately 45 minutes to read entirely, so settle in and enjoy (or read it in sections at ya leisure).


Online Dating History


Me dating history online isn't that long, but there have been few...

Holding You

When me girlfriend wrote me a poem, I thought I'd write one in return. Then I thought I'd put it to pictures and music and make it into a video to make it that much more special.

The poem was written by me, and the music is 'Sweet Remembrance Of Ya' by William Joseph.

This is for ya Mirjam.

Wallpaper Calendar Collage

My wallpaper calendar collage

In November 2011, I found Smashing Magazine's 'Desktop Wallpaper Calendar' post which showcased calendars created by its readers that ya could download and use as ya desktop wallpaper. Every month since then, I have found and downloaded a calendar which has become me desktop wallpaper for that month.

The above is a collage I created in the GIMP, using the free 'IGLO - Images Grid LayOut' script, which shows the wallpapers that graced me desktop from Jan 2012 to Dec 2014.

Ammo Testing Results

SK Magazine ammo

Last night I performed the second round of ammo testing for me rifle. This article serves as a sequel to 'Me First Rifle' which explains the purchase of me first rimfire rifle and the initial ammo testing I performed with it.

This second round of testing was done in the same way as the first, except that I tested the ammo in reverse order (to make sure the lubricated SK Mag. I used first last time wasn't having any impact on subsequent rounds). I was also better prepared this time for the drop in height of the CCI Quiet rounds, so was able to test them properly.

The results of the second...