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Peter Anderson

Christian - Husband & Father - Web Developer

My First Rifle

A 5-shot group of SK Mag. rounds at 50m

I have always wanted to try shooting, so when I read in the newspaper that there would be a mobile air-rifle range at the 2014 Coffs Coast 4WD, Caravan & Camping Show I went to try it out. While there, I also had a talk to the blokes from the Coffs Harbour Rifle Club and found out that they shoot each Wednesday night in Howard Street. That Wednesday night I went along for the first time and so began me passion for target shooting.

I soon joined the club, got me firearms licence and, eventually, a 'permit to acquire' (allowing me to purchase me own rifle). The plan was to initially...

Mother's Day, 2013

Ever since I created me Dad's Day video back in 2005, I've been wanting to do a similar video for Mum's Day. 8 years later I finally did!

Created in the latest version of Windows Movie Maker, this video was shown in church on Mum's Day as a tribute to our Mums. It displays photos of mums at various stages of 'motherhood' (e.g. childbirth, ankle-biters, teenagers, graduation, grand-ankle-biters, etc.) with a few verses from Proverbs 31 throughout. It features music by Michael W. Smith from his 'Glory' album, appropriately titled 'Heroes'.


This video was in the making for about two years before it was finally finished and debuted at church during a sermon on honouring the God of creation. It's a journey through Genesis 1 showing live footage of God's creation set to dramatic music.

The voiceover at the beginning of the video is a recording by one of the crew of Apollo 8, reading from the book of Genesis on Chrissie Eve, 1968. Video footage was taken from the BBC's 'Planet Earth' documentary TV series, while the music is 'Surrender to Hope' by Immediate Music.

Me favourite part of the video is the awesome flock of birds on...