Ammo Testing Results

Last night I performed the second round of ammo testing for my rifle. This article serves as a sequel to ‘My First Rifle ’ which explains the purchase of my first rimfire rifle and the initial ammo testing I performed with it.

This second round of testing was done in the same way as the first, except that I tested the ammo in reverse order (to make sure the lubricated SK Mag. I used first last time wasn’t having any impact on subsequent rounds). I was also better prepared this time for the drop in height of the CCI Quiet rounds, so was able to test them properly.

The results of the second round of testing are as follows:

Ammo 1st Group 2nd Group Average Group Size
SK Magazine 23mm 16mm 20mm
SK Standard Plus 20mm 17mm 19mm
CCI Standard 25mm 17mm 21mm
CCI Quiet 71mm 89mm 80mm
Federal Premium Gold Medal 34mm 27mm 31mm
Federal Premium Standard 19mm 16mm 18mm
Eley Club 20mm 20mm 20mm
Eley Edge 22mm 18mm 20mm

These results, when compared with the initial round of testing, are interesting:

  • The better ammo from the first test (SK Mag., SK Std. Plus & Eley Edge) all performed worse the second time around
  • Federal Premium Std. performed exactly the same
  • The rest of the ammo performed better
  • CCI Quiet is pathetic (at 50m)

When I calculated the average of the first and second round of testing for each type of ammo, I came up with the following final results:

Ammo Average Group Size Placing
SK Magazine 16mm 1st
SK Standard Plus 18mm 2nd (tied)
CCI Standard 22mm
CCI Quiet 80mm
Federal Premium Gold Medal 33mm
Federal Premium Standard 18mm 2nd (tied)
Eley Club 21mm
Eley Edge 19mm 3rd

So it looks like I’ll be sticking with the SK Magazine ammo!