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New Zealand - Part 2

Our first snow sighting

It's been a busy two days since my last post; here's why...

Yesterday we explored the town/city of Christchurch. It was very cold, but beautiful! We went down to the river, took lots of photos and had lunch at Subway :) We looked around the Christchurch Cathedral, used an ATM to take out some NZ money, then went to Woolworths to stock up on food and Easter eggs.

Christchurch Cathedral

Today we packed up and left Christchurch, travelling south-ish towards Lake Tekapo. However, part-way along the highway there was an accident so we took a 'detour' west towards to mountains. We got some great shots of the snow-covered peaks and ended up at a rest stop overlooking a beautiful gorge.

Rakaia Gorge

It's amazing what you miss just driving along the highway - life lesson: take the scenic route. Continuing south, we started coming across snow on the side of the road (it had snowed in Lake Tekapo the night before). We got to see snow for the very first time and enjoyed throwing a few snowballs at each other!

Eventually we came to Lake Tekapo itself. We pulled into our resort, Peppers Bluewater Resort, and marvelled at the gorgeous views from our rooms - you can literally look out the window and see the snow-covered mountains surrounding the lake.

The view from our balcony

We enjoyed a nice dinner at Peppers' restaurant, then went for a late-night walk down to the lake. Although I didn't bring my camera's tripod, I found a few good flat rocks to sit my camera on and take some shots of the lake at night (we'll be posting all our photos online when we get home to Australia).

I think we're getting up early tomorrow to take photos of the sunrise over the lake. I think we're also planning on going out to Mt. Cook. Off to bed then.

Lake Tekapo by night