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New Zealand - Part 5

The Shotover River


Ok, I'll explain from the beginning...
We went down to the main part of Queenstown where we boarded a bus which took us out to the Shotover River. There we rode the Shotover Jet through very narrow cliffs in very shallow water at very high speeds. That was quite thrilling!

We then got the bus up to the helicopter which took us up to the Skyline complex overlooking Queenstown. The helicopter ride was great, though a bit squishy - another first for us!

Once at the Skyline complex, we found the Luge ride (a toboggan-type ride downhill) and had a few goes at that. There were two tracks - the scenic track and the advanced track. We all agreed that the advanced track was the best ;)

The Luge

At 5:00pm, we all went down to the bungy jump area. Stephen and I did the jump, Stephen first (in case I was too heavy, broke it and he missed out ;) - I can't describe the feeling ya get a split-second after jumping off the edge and free-falling 47 metres down... It's a rush! I bought photos and a DVD to prove I did it :)

Proof that I did it!

We then finished off our Luge rides (we each got 5) and went into the restaurant for a nice buffet tea. Afterwards, we rode the gondola back down to Queenstown and went back to our apartment.

Tomorrow we fly home to Straya. James and Becky stay in Sydney for a week with our Grandparents while Stephen and I fly back to Coffs on Sunday for work on Monday :(
Mum and Dad fly to the north island to continue their holiday here in NZ.

Queenstown by night

All-in-all it's been a great holiday!
When we all get home, we'll have to start packing to move house; more on that later.

I feel sad shooting through New Zealand behind; it's a beautiful country! But I'm stoked to be going home again. See ya back in Straya!