Shooting Targets

These are printable shooting targets I've created for my club to use at our Friday night 'fun' shoots. They're designed to be used with .22 rifles at 50m and most include a recommended 'course of fire' (but feel free to use them in whatever way you like).


Hostage target

The grey targets are being held hostage by the black targets. Gain points by hitting each black target, lose points if you hit a grey target.

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery target

Another target inspired by a popular carnival game. You have 10 shots, so make them count! Play it safe by going for the easier, larger targets or get more points by hitting the harder, smaller ones. The most total points wins! Scores are listed at the bottom of the page.


Battleship target

Requested by one of my club's range officers, this target was inspired by the popular Battleship board game. There are two pages in the PDF file; one for player 1 and one for player 2 (they should be pinned up together). Shooters compete against each other to shoot all of their opponent's battleships. Finish first with one shot in each of the 10 scoring zones to win.


Poker target

Make the best poker hand possible. This target is less about skill and more about chance. There are 5 different targets in the PDF file - each target has 16 playing cards face-up on the left and 16 playing cards face-down on the right.

Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference target

The classic Spot the Difference game, shooting style. Each target (there are 5 different ones in the PDF file) has 9 pattered squares on the left and 9 pattered squares on the right. 4 of the 9 squares on the right are different from those on the left. Shooters must find and hit each of the 4 different squares on the right.

Reverse Hangman

Reverse Hangman target

A twist on the classic game of Hangman; instead of hanging the man, you must free him! This target shows 4 hangman drawings, each with a different length rope. Shooters must hit each rope without hitting the man or the posts. Scores are listed at the bottom of the target and a shooter's total score can range from 40 (perfect score) to -40!

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars target

This one was a request by one of the range officers at my club. There are two pages (both pages used by each shooter); one with 5 stars and one with 8 stars. Shooters must hit each star in the allotted time.

Pest Control 2

Pest Control 2 target

This is an updated, second version of my original Pest Control target. It features a smaller spider and mosquitoes and adds some flies. There are 20 bugs in total with scores for each listed at the bottom of the target (slightly simplified from the first version).


Sudoku target

One for the puzzlers. This is a regular 4x4 sudoku puzzle, but instead of writing the missing numbers in each blank square, you have to place that many shots in the squares instead. There are 5 different puzzles in the PDF file.