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The glass is half-empty, on average

A half-empty glass

Here's my answer to that age-old question: the glass is half-empty. Whether or not that makes me a pessimist is irrelevant, because my answer is based on statistics!

Whether or not a glass if half-full or half-empty depends on whether it is in the process of being filled, or emptied. If a glass is being filled, when it reaches half-way then it's half-full. If it's being emptied, when it reaches half-way then it's half-empty. Make sense?

So how do we know whether the glass is being filled or emptied? Well we don't. But we can work out the average based on (admittedly unscientific)...


It all started when I was eating breakfast one morning. I looked over the top of my breakfast bowl at the world map on the placemat I was using (we have a 3 year-old, so we have 'educational' placemats). I noticed a collection of islands to the north of Europe, and I wondered what they were. Greenland looks huge (though it's not really) and was clearly labelled, and I knew Iceland was the small island to its south-east, but I didn't know what these other islands were or who they belonged to. So I investigated!

World map

It turns out that this archipelago is called 'Svalbard' and is part of Norway (...

A 'Game of Thrones' Maths Puzzle

Four prisoners escape from the dungeons at King's Landing and head for the Wall; a distance of 700 leagues. The Maester travels 1 league in the first day, then each subsequent day, doubles the distance he travelled the previous day. The Whore travels 50 leagues each day. The Knight travels 80 leagues each day, and 20 leagues each night. The Squire travels 350 leagues the first day, then each subsequent day, travels half the distance he travelled the previous day.

Two days after the prisoners escape, the Mountain is sent out to hunt them down and kill them. He travels 100 leagues each day....

Facebook Freedom

Facebook app

I'm quitting Facebook.
It's something I've been thinking about doing for a while now, and I'm finally taking the plunge (although it feels less like a dive into the unknown and more like the freedom of being unshackled).

I avoided Facebook for a long time, proudly wearing the (imaginary) I-don't-use-Facebook badge. But then I wanted to promote my business more and decided to setup a Facebook page for it. A Facebook business page requires a personal Facebook account to manage it. I hid my personal account for the first few months, using it solely to manage my business page, but eventually...

Letter Counting Function (and My First Python Script!)

Lots of numbers!

So I was watching Matt Parker's "Four has Four Letters" video, and I was interested to know how the Estonian language compared to English with regard to the letter counting function.

To summarise the video, in English each number has a word (or words) and each of those words have a certain number of letters. In all cases except the number 4, the word has a different number of letters than the number it represents. You can count these letters, then make a chain of numbers, all of which, in English, eventually lead you back to 4.

Example time! The word for the number 8, 'eight', has 5...

My Minimal Phone

Hands holding a smartphone

Smartphones are a great resource. They give us access to the internet wherever we are, allow us to check in with social media, emails and friends online, and provide entertainment through games and interesting (though sometimes pointless) apps. But smartphones have a dark side too. They give us access to the internet wherever we are, allow us to check in with social media, emails and friends online, and provide entertainment through games and interesting (though sometimes pointless) apps.

No, that's not a copy-paste error. The same benefits of smartphones can also be viewed as problems...

Wallpaper Calendar Collage

My wallpaper calendar collage

In November 2011, I found Smashing Magazine's 'Desktop Wallpaper Calendar' post which showcased calendars created by its readers that you could download and use as your desktop wallpaper. Every month since then, I have found and downloaded a calendar which has become my desktop wallpaper for that month.

The above is a collage I created in the GIMP, using the free 'IGLO - Images Grid LayOut' script, which shows the wallpapers that graced my desktop from Jan 2012 to Dec 2014.

Earth Day

Earth Day (the 22nd of April) is a day meant to "increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural environment" (Wikipedia).

I thought I'd do this by creating a video presentation of the Earth and all its wonders, but in a way that brings praise and glory to its Creator. God created this planet and everything on it, and it's His work we're appreciating on Earth Day.

The video footage was taken from the BBC's "Earth" documentary, while the song is "The Earth is Yours" by Gungor from their "Beautiful Things" album.

Cre8, 2008

In 2008 my church wanted to re-design Cre8 to be 'new and fresh'. This advertisement strove to express that with vibrant colours and moving background (a first for me).

The music is called 'My Name Is Lincoln' by Steve Jablonsky from 'The Island' soundtrack.

Cre8, 2007

This is the first official trailer (advertisement) I created when my church started a new creative workshop - Cre8. This trailer (unlike a previous 'teaser') provided information about what Cre8 was, giving examples of the different styles of creative design.

The song is called 'Resurrection' from 'The Passion of the Christ' soundtrack by John Debney.